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The cover design is your primary sales tool, the face of your project, and the one feature that can elevate you to a professional standard in the eyes of readers.

Christian Thriller & Suspense

A well-designed custom cover captures the essence of your book in seconds.

The title of your book should be the primary focus of your book cover and must be clearly visible.

Your title communicates the essence of your book and differentiates it from the other books on the shelf. It should touch the potential reader’s emotions.

Sweet Romance

Custom book covers are unique. Imagine a shelf in a store or your computer screen at Amazon. Books in the same genre look like they all belong to the same family and yet are distinct from each other.

Your potential reader needs to be able to decide between your book and the others on the shelf.

Custom book covers are marketable. As competition increases the importance of the book cover rises. A great book cover makes it easier to sell your story.

Christian Devotionals

Have your own picture? Book Cover can work with that!

This author wanted to refresh the cover for the second edition. She wanted to retain the heart and beauty of the original picture created by Joyful Heart Design. Together we kept the integrity of the first edition and infused new life.

Her book became an Amazon #1 bestseller.

There's nothing like original artwork!

This author had a piece of art she wanted to use for her book covers so that the outward beauty of her books would match the vision she had for the messages inside.

Eye Catching Book Covers

An eye catching book cover draws attention and reveals meaning, the concept inside, or just enough intrigue to lead the viewer to want to know more about what’s inside. 

Christian Devotional Adult Coloring Books

Writers and publishers pay close attention to the direct relationship between the book cover and the book sales.

A well-thought-out cover design will tell the reader what to expect inside.

Your book cover is a billboard, a salesman for your story.

A book cover sets a reader’s expectations about the story or message waiting for them inside.

A quality cover leads a potential reader to believe a quality story is waiting for them inside.

Custom book covers are beautiful. A quality cover design will catch a reader’s eye, capture their interest, and allude to what the book is about, aspiring them to buy your book.

A well-thought-out cover design will tell the reader what to expect inside.

The purpose of a book cover is to convey the purpose of your story in a distinctive manner. Revealing the hook on the cover is smart creativity.

Children’s Books

Original artwork makes a gorgeous book cover.

Whether you need a cover for a paperback or an ebook, you’ll need a cover that is eye-catching. I offer design services for any type of book, whether a novel, self-help, devotioinals, children’s books, workbooks, cookbooks and much more.

Book club fun!

Book cover design must get the point across that the pages within are worth the reader’s time and money.

A successful book cover quickly communicates:

Genre, audience, tone, and alludes to the story inside. 

Treat your book cover like a living thing. Allow it to speak the truth.

Cover images tell the story inside the book without the reader ever turning the first page.

When planning your book cover, browse the bestsellers in your genre. Look for patterns in color, fonts, layouts, and images. Your book will catch the right reader’s attention if your book looks like it belongs on the shelf they are used to shopping. 

Approach book cover design from a buyer’s perspective to sell more books.

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A book is judged by its cover

Together you and I will cover your story with reader appeal.